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By now we've come to the realization that things inevitably fail and or breakdown. For the most part however, this can be prevented or expected if the vehicle is properly inspected. At Lorelli’s we offer a varying array of inspections. CAA Inspection, Brake System Inspection, Suspension Inspection, Winter/Spring Inspection, Safety Inspection, Emission Testing.

Lorelli CAA Inspection: A comprehensive inspection that aims to give you a clear understanding of the current condition of your vehicle. This inspection is popular amongst new car buyers, customers transferring from another service centre as well a yearly inspection we recommend with existing customers. We recommend a CAA Inspection once a year as a baseline.

Brake System Inspection: It is always better to fix or repair items that needed fixing or repairing to begin with. A brake system inspection will diagnose the current state of your brakes and help determine if proper wear is occurring. It includes an inspection of both the friction brake pieces as well as the hydraulic aspects. Often times early signs of inconsistent wear and fouling can be spotted. A brake service is recommended which helps returns the brakes to their maximum functionality. If gone unattended this might spell the early vanquish of your brake pads and rotors.

Suspension/Steering Inspection: Often referred to as a front-end inspection, essentially is designed to inspect the various suspension segments which support the car's weight over bumps and turns. The technician will inspect for rigidity of the system. Loose joints, bushings or portions with a heightened degree of movement are considered counterproductive to the overall system's rigidity. Front and rear shocks and struts are also very important and get equal attention. Inspections look for cracked springs, leaking shocks, bearing condition, general rust and corrosion. Often times a suspension inspection can be performed prior to a wheel alignment in order to ensure a lasting result. The suspension on your car is paramount to the handling, ride comfort a braking distance.

Winter/Spring Inspection: As the seasons change different forces await our vehicles. In the spring preparations for high heat, humidity and transitioning from winter are the prominent items. In the advance of winter we prepare and test the vehicle for its ability to handle harsh colds, ice and reduced traction.

Safety Inspection: Safety inspections are mandated by the Ontario government. They must be done every time a vehicle is registered in Ontario. If the sale of a car is completed, a Safety check must be performed before the vehicle changes from the seller’s name to the buyer's name in order to get licensed. Lorelli’s offers both light duty and commercial safety inspections.

Emission Testing: An emission test is required by the Ontario government to monitor your vehicle's emission output. There are 2 variations of this test: OBD2 and 2-Speed Idle. An OBD2 test scans your onboard computer for fault codes and readiness monitors in attempts to determine if your vehicle is running appropriately and within the levels administered. A 2-speed idle test records the actual exhaust readings created when the vehicle is both at standing idle as well as held at approximately 2500 rpm. Lorelli’s is both an Emission Testing and Emission Repair facility.


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