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Tune Up / Maintenance

When our vehicle was brand new we turned the key and it started effortlessly. Over time we don't realize the subtleties of how it takes an extra second or two to start, that perhaps the gas milage has dipped ever so gradually, at idle your vehicle sometimes misfires ect… These are usual signs that your vehicle needs a tune up/ maintenance service.

The ignition portions of your vehicle are under constant contact with varying temperatures, pressures, and ignited fluids. Spark plugs ignite the fuel in the engine. The spark plug are fed with from from the spark plug wires which get the current from the power source. When that process cannot happen effectively the motor will run out of rhythm and can even stall. Faults can occur in all 3 of those phases and beyond. Spark plugs can be made with varying compounds to last longer, burn hotter, spark quicker etc. Plugs and wires can last anywhere from 30,000-100,000kms, as such the best way to inspect spark plugs is to physically remove them and visually inspect them. We recommend that a tune up/maintenance inspection of not only the ignition system but the drive belts and cooling system be completed every year.

While you may inspect the components every year this does not require that you replace them unless they show signs of wear. We are capable of diagnosing issues before they become apparent and affecting to the overall system. Most vehicle manufacturers have dedicated basic scheduled maintenance intervals which we follow and improve upon at Lorelli’s.


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